Merry Christmas to all!  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, most of us enjoy receiving gifts.  Here are a few freebies to get your new year started.

First, a fun music history and dance activity that is great for older students.  It is also great for African American History month.  The Big Apple was a dance craze in 1937 that did NOT begin in New York City as you might guess.  The dance began at an African American dance club in Columbia, South Carolina. 

This freebie lesson is available in PowerPoint format and includes brief historical information, photos, links to historical videos, and also links to YouTube dance tutorials.

PowerPoint Lesson:

Find out more about this fun dance in this blog post: Bring the Swinging Big Apple Dance Craze of 1937 to Your Music Classroom

Next, a free instruments of the orchestra "write the room" sampler.  I am working on plans to take my fourth graders to the symphony in February, so I really want them to know the names of the instruments that they will be hearing.  The sampler includes several student worksheets and directions for conducting the lesson.  You must use your own pictures of the instruments with this free sampler version.  

Write the Room - Instruments of the Orchestra Sampler:


Finally, I would like to call attention to a favorite post-concert reflection lesson.  Winter Concert Reflections reminds us that it is important to reflect on our work.  This Concert Reflection sheet is a free download. It is not seasonal and therefore may be used before or after any concert.

I hope you enjoy your break from school.  Get some rest, check out some freebies, and have a freshly energized start to the new year!