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About Me

Music teachers are busy!
We teach students across many grade levels, in many cases every student in the school!  Most of us are solitary music islands surrounded by a sea teeming with language arts, math, science and social studies teachers.   

Have you ever thought. . .
  • I have a great lesson idea, but I don't have time to create the visuals.
  • I don't have much of a budget for music resources.
  • I could make some cute manipulatives, but I just don't have the time.
  • I'd like to teach some jazz, but I don't have time to gather resources.
  • I need some quick, complete lesson ideas because I have to do (name your extra thing) this week.

Familiar?  You are in the right place!
My name is Sally Utley, and I love using my tech skills to create time-saving resources for busy music teachers like you.  In my 30+ years as a music educator,  I have never had much of a budget, and time is always at a premium.  My goal is to share lessons and experiences to help you be the amazing music teacher that you are.
In my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I have products that you can use to motivate your students, please your administration, make your own life a little easier, and remain true to our purpose of training young musicians.

Want to know a little more about me?


  • Bachelor of Music Education at Oklahoma State University, 
  • Masters of Music Education at the University of South Carolina.
  • National Board Certified Teacher 
  • Music Learning Theory Elementary General Level I
  • Music Learning Theory Early Childhood Level I
  • Music Learning Theory Instrumental
  • Orff Level I
  • District Lead Elementary Music Teacher

Fun Facts

  • I was a French horn player in high school & college and was a twirler in the marching band.
  • My first job was teaching junior high band and high school color guard.
  • My husband (a drummer) and I have two great kids, and both of them played in the band.  It was a great time when we could get the family band together and play in church!

Additional Social Media Connections
Twitter: @SallysSongs

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ms. Utley! I used to show a video clip of professionals dancing "Los Machetes" that I got from your old WikiSpaces to my students, as we study this wonderful dance every year. I just went to the "Los Machetes" page in your "Sea of Songs" and tried the link there, but it does not work (at least on my computer). Is there any way you can send me the link of that video in a different format or for YouTube? Thank you so much!