"What other ways can I introduce this song?"  I was asking the same question as I struggled through the first lesson to introduce our concert repertoire to a second grade class.  The whole class consisted of "I sing, you sing!"  The students and I were all bored and there was way too much sitting for an elementary music class.  That boring class led me to explore all of the ways I could find to teach new music without having the class echo phrases.  

If you struggle with the same challenges, whether you are in concert prep mode or regular class time, this video session is for you!  Originally presented during The Music Crew Virtual Conference 2021 held inside The Music Crew Collaborative Facebook Group, this 30-minute session presents two framework strategies and seven focus areas that will keep your classes or rehearsals engaging and productive.


In my last post, I shared many ways to use one song, Hello Everybody, across the grade levels.  In this post, you will find a small collection of my favorite hello songs from various sources. 


Hello! Welcome! 

Greetings are a common social norm whenever we are out in public or invite people into our homes.  Greeting songs serve the same purposes in our music classrooms - to make our students feel welcome and to set the tone for the day. Here is one of my favorites, Hello Everybody!

Name Games For Music Class

One cool thing about being a music teacher is that we get to see every student in our building. They are our students year after year. We watch them grow and develop long-term relationships.  

One challenging thing about being a music teacher is that we get to teach every student in the building. How to remember all those names! 

Name games are certainly the solution to the problem of learning and remembering hundreds of names! Because getting through the whole class will take some time, it is often best to keep it simple and focus on the names rather than the game.  Simple chants are quick and fun.  

Establishing clear rules and procedures which can be consistently and lovingly enforced is of the utmost importance in classroom management!  Rules help guide students and teachers towards appropriate behaviors, while procedures tell us HOW we should do the things that we do. Setting my music classroom rules to music has been one of my favorite back-to-school ideas!