Need a Magnet? Pack Rat Success

I've been working on bulletin boards and room decor this past week because my school started TODAY!  I was scrambling to get my "I Can" statements posted and figured out that they would fit nicely on a section of my magnetic "whiteboard" that I don't use often.  I was contemplating a trip to the teacher store to find some color coordinated magnets when I remembered that I had a stash of old school calendar magnets in the back of the closet.

Many businesses are using magnets as promotional items to promote their business. Sometimes they have extras from a specific event or last year's calendar, and would be happy to donate.

First I plugged in the hot glue gun.  These old calendars happen to be about 3"x5", so I cut them into pieces with some sharp scissors.

A little hot glue was all it took to recycle these calendar magnets and get my "I Can" statements posted.  

All done!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip!


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  1. Love it!! I have several friends who hoard things like these and I admit, I often give them the side-eye. I may be hitting them up for some magnets now LOL! Great tip for the beginning of the school year. Thanks for sharing :) #fermatafridays