Back to the Future...Unusual Times & Unusual Meter

I have been feeling the stress of all of the beginning of the year responsibilities, and now concert prep responsibilities are added on top.   Really.  Why does everything have to be done the hard way?!   I think it is time for a little fun!

A group of music friends and I were chatting and realized we all had a mutual love for all things "Back to the Future."  Did you remember that when Marty McFly traveled to the future, he traveled to October 21, 2015?  That's today!  Where are the flying cars and hover boards?  Our conversation was very lively and fun as we remembered the movie scenes and noticed the differences with our real world.

Great Scott!  It's a Sale!

To share the fun, we are each marking one product down to $1.21 (for 1.21 gigawatts - go watch the movie!).

My sale item is Sunflowers Smiling, an original chant in 5/8 meter.  This is JUST the thing that YOUR future self would tell you to buy NOW! :)

Sunflowers Smiling has great possibilities for movement and getting students acculturated to an unusual meter.  Add scarves for a fun prop!

Your purchase includes colorful slides for teaching the lyrics, the sheet music with rhythmic notation, and lesson suggestions.  You can find this at my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Giveaway & Shop Hop

The giveaway has ended, but the unusual meter chant, Sunflowers Smiling, is still available!

Great Scott!  That's a great deal!

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