New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!  I pray that you are resting and enjoying time away from work.  One great thing about being a teacher is that we can have a celebration of the new year twice a year.  This mid-winter break is a great time to take a few minutes to reflect on the first half of the year and get energized for the second half.  It's halftime, and I always thought that the halftime show was the best part of the football game!

Goal for 2016
This January, I think I have one main goal:  to make a much more clear definition between school time and home/family time.  I have found one disadvantage to being an "empty nester" besides missing my kids.  Because I no longer have little ones depending on me at home and my husband is great at being flexible, my time spent at school has gradually lengthened until it is really out of control.

You know how it can be!  There is always more to do, or I have this really great idea that takes longer than expected.  As you might guess, staying at work too long has a negative impact on stress levels, health, maintaining outside friendships and many other areas of our lives.  To be honest, two of my goals from last year were directly related to this goal, so I have already fallen short once!

Action Steps
First, I need to work from my strengths.  As an experienced teacher, I have a stash of lesson plans that have worked well. Using them when possible will streamline the planning process.

Second, I need to practice saying "no" to extra curricular jobs.  I definitely agree to many things that seem simple enough, then they turn into big projects.  It is important for all of us to support the mission of the school, and be a part of the school community.  In a great school community, these extras are shared around.  It is not healthy for any individual, or the school community, for one person to do too many things.   My action step will be to answer requests with an offer to check my calendar, and then honestly do just that.  Using the calendar to make an informed decision will be better for me and also for my colleagues.

Third, I need to reconnect with my friends.  We are all busy, but we all have similar needs for fellowship and exercise.  Perhaps we can do both at the same time!

Moving Forward
Maintaining a balance between work and home is healthier, and less stressful.  Taking these action steps will make me a better teacher and a better friend.  Taking positive steps leads to a more positive attitude, which leads to taking more positive steps, and on an on.

Here is to jumping in to a positive, healthy new year!

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  1. I can see how extra-long work hours would be a temptation for me as well when I am an empty-nester. I worked such long hours before kids, I'm sure I would fall right back into those habits. I like the way you spelled out specific action steps for yourself. I hope your friends and family will help support you in achieving this goal this year :D Happy New Year and thanks for sharing! #fermatafridays