Superhero Theme Songs: Listen & Reflect

Introducing character education into the music room can be as empowering as a superhero's cape. By guiding students to recognize their positive character traits, we not only boost their self-esteem but also foster crucial social-emotional learning skills. Inspired by this notion, I embarked on a mission to infuse our lessons with the essence of heroism, drawing inspiration from a fantastic bulletin board shared by James Michael Foster's post in the Elementary Music Teachers Facebook Group.  Let me share how we soared through this musical adventure, blending character education with catchy tunes and creative expression.

Get 'Em Singing

To kick off our journey, we launched into a song celebrating various character traits. Using the Quaver Attendance Song, I encouraged students to select words that depicted their strengths. Together, we crafted a list with words like brave, positive, fearless, active, strong, and confident. We proudly chose belted out these words to describe our class. And for those without access to Quaver, fear not! Music K-8 Magazine offers a treasure trove of alternatives, each brimming with melodies that uplift and inspire. Some of my favorites are:
  • From the Inside Out, Volume 11 Number 1
  • Responsible, Volume 11 Number 2
  • Character Tango, Volume 19 Number 4
  • Positive, Volume 22 Number 1

Super Hero Theme Songs - Engaging Student Interest

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Next, we delved into the heart of our lesson: superhero theme songs. After introducing the concept, each class eagerly chose 2-3 theme songs to explore. Before hitting play, I challenged them to share at least things they knew about the movie or character, sparking lively discussions. I asked them to listen for music elements that the composer put into the music that might represent these 3 things.  For instance, when dissecting the Ghostbusters theme, students astutely identified musical elements mirroring the action-packed chase scenes and eerie encounters with ghosts. They even identified certain sound effects that might represent the ghost-catching contraption and the slime. Witnessing their analytical skills at work was a true marvel, showcasing the depth of their musical comprehension.

Make it Personal

But our journey didn't end there; it circled back to our students themselves. Armed with their list of positive traits, each student selected two words embodying their inner heroism. Then, with thoughtful consideration, they chose instruments to represent these traits in their own theme song, justifying their selections with gusto. Through peer discussions and a quick writing exercise, they articulated their thoughts, solidifying their understanding and embracing their unique strengths.

Click on the picture to download a printable copy of the superhero writing paper.  The cute superhero kids come from Graphics from the Pond.

Click on the color picture for a full color Google Slides version of the response sheet.

Displaying Student Work

With pride, we showcased their creative endeavors, adorning our bulletin board with their superhero-themed compositions. Thanks to the vibrant Super New Year in Music set from the Bulletin Board Lady, Tracy King, our display radiated with the energy and enthusiasm of our budding musicians.

Free WAKELET Lesson

For those eager to embark on their own superhero-themed journey, I invite you to explore our Wakelet lesson. May it inspire you to ignite your students' imaginations and lead them on a musical odyssey filled with courage, creativity, and camaraderie.

Superhero Theme Songs

As our musical adventure draws to a close, I encourage you to embrace the superhero within each of your students. By nurturing their character and creativity, we empower them to soar to new heights, making this year truly SUPER!

Musically yours,

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