Aargh! X Marks the Spot for Pirate Music Treasure!

Need some pirate treasure? Let me spill the dubloons! Here are some super simple resources to add a little pirate fun to your music lessons!

Questions You Might Ask 

"Why would I need pirate resources?"  Themed lessons can add a little bit of extra engagement for students!  Make believe activities are a part of childhood.  Incorporating make believe into your lessons gives students a safe way to try things in a different way.  Perhaps taking on a pirate persona for a day might bring out a little more boldness in your students. 

"When can I use these activities?" Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19. October is a great month for dress-up and make believe.  Spring months are also a great time for sea shantys and treasure hunts.  You are free to decide when a theme might fit into your existing curriculum!

Now, let's get into the resources and how to use them. 

Brand New

Shiver me timbers, these will make a great, no prep class game when projected on your interactive whiteboard! Use the Boom Card Fast Pin for a quick start. Give each Music Pirate a chance to complete the page to earn some pirate bragging rights.

Hint: Boom cards can also be assigned to individuals using that same Fast Pin if you need an activity that is a little less lively :)

If you've never tried Boom Cards, testing out this live preview might help you get an idea of how they work.  

Pirate Rhythms Preview

Tried & True

Don't stop teaching just because it is a themed day! Sprinkle Pirate-themed activities throughout your music lesson.

Pirate Animated Vocal Explorations & Pirate Rhythms Smart Notebook require no advance prep. Warm up student voices with the vocal explorations.  Pirate Rhythms Smart Notebook is similar to the Boom Cards, with more opportunity for student-created patterns. It does require the Smart Notebook software to open and use.

Walk the Plank

If you have a few minutes to prep, you might like Walk the Plank Rhythm Notation Assessment. Print the notation symbols (and laminate if desired). Designate a "plank" for students to walk on.  I used a velcro strip on my carpet. Lay the symbols on the plank, then students walk and identify each symbol.  Choose whether they are calling out rhythm syllables or quarter note/eighth note.  

A Little Extra

Perhaps you will add a read aloud of the book How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long.  (Click the image to find this book on Amazon.)
Perhaps you will sing a sea shanty like Haul Away Joe or do a pirate dance. 

Reflect and Share

When students have been thoroughly engaged in theme lessons like this, it is often a great time to do a reflection on their favorite activities. These can be done as individuals, or collaborate for a class reflection. This Pirate Writing Paper will give a great background for reflections! Print or Easel versions are included!


Bonus tip: The print version will make a great addition bulletin board! Display student pirate rhythms compositions or even photos of your pirate dances and add in student reflections.

Share the Treasure!

Even rewards can be fun during Pirate Week!  Print Pirate Gold Music Effort Awards on yellow or gold paper for quick & inexpensive positive feedback. Yeah, bouy!

Just for fun, I like to keep some "pirate coins" handy to give out when needed as incentives or just because students are engaged in the music.  (Click the image to use my affiliate link.)

Seas the Day, Mateys! Hook your students with easy-to-use pirate-themed music activities!

Musically Yours,

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