Program Preparation: Teaching Strategies to Avoid Music Rehearsal Boredom

Program Preparation

Is there a time of year when you feel your lessons start to feel dry and boring?

When I ask colleagues this question, I almost always hear the same answer:

Performance Preparation Season! Do these questions sound familiar?

How can I avoid spending my days in a repetitive back-and-forth pattern as I play student parts on the classroom piano?

How will the students learn their parts in time for the performance?

How can I keep the creativity alive in my classroom AND prepare for upcoming performances?

I have certainly asked them myself! If performance preparation season feels dull, boring, high-stakes, or stressful you are not alone. This next concert can feel different. It is possible to prep with ease!

Teaching all new repertoire for a concert is tough. When I found myself using the same I-sing-you-sing strategy over and over, I knew it was time to explore different song-teaching strategies.
 My book, Program Preparation: Teaching Strategies to Avoid Rehearsal Boredom was developed from my experiences.

Part I

The first section covers 9 different strategies and focus areas that will add variety to your rehearsals while still meeting the goal of learning our music.

Think of this section as an idea bank to help you plan creative, age-appropriate lessons as you introduce your new repertoire.

Part II

 The next section outlines the planning system that really helped me organize my rehearsals so that we were ready for the concert.  The planning strategies are perfect for anyone who might need a little structure in their rehearsal plans.

You will also find both digital and printable planning options presented in the final section.

 I'm excited about this book for you because I know how using these strategies helped me to keep me organized, my lessons engaging, and get my students ready for performances.

The book is organized so you can easily work with the part that you need the most.

Program Preparation: Teaching Strategies to Avoid Rehearsal Boredom is available on FFlat Books.

Musically yours,

Program PreparationProgram Preparation


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